Thank you for shopping with Mattarusky Heirloom Ornaments!
Minimum Order $400.00.
Must order pieces in quantities of 3 or more of each style.  
2-piece keepsake boxes available for $3 each.
Please use the CATALOG below to reference items numbers for your order.
Contact us when you are ready to order/begin order process.
Once your order has been placed, you will be contacted with a total amount due. 
  Freight will be added at cost.
Place orders by calling Anne at 630-469-4125 or by emailing her at
For more information on our line, custom mold and/or custom coloration work,
please contact Anne at 630-469-4125.

We are proud to highlight the detail and craftsmanship in our ornaments. 

Each of our custom designs features elements enjoyed

on the front and back of the ornament.

M294C Candy Santa (front)            Click to zoom
M294C Candy Santa (back)        Click to zoom

our catalog

M287W Santa Works His Magic
M308 Santa and His Furry Friends
M294C Candy Santa
M294-Winter-Night-Santa copy (1)
M294_Green-Holly-Santa copy (1)
M25B Holly Santa
Mattarusky_Feb_2018-1 (1)
M79G-RH Red Holly with Green Leaves Ging
M79BWN-Winter Night Gingerbread Boy
M79G-GH Green Holly Gingerbread Girl
M310TR Traditional Holly
M310T Tan-Holly-Timeless-Tree
M310F Timeless Tree
M310G Green Holly Timeless Tree
M254 Charlie in the Boot Snowflake
M254R Charlie in the Boot - Red with Gre
M254G Charlie in the Boot Green with Hol
M254WN-Charlie in the Boot - Winter Scen
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M141H Red Holly Mitten (1)
M141W Red and White Quilted
M195P Peppermit Christmas Cruisin copy
M195 Christmas Cruising
M233 Mouse Mansion-(2)
M225 SantaChalet
M290 Shimmering Shanty
M230P Bear on Block
M230B Bear on Block (1)
M50 Hold Your Hat!
M295 A Work Of Art$36.00
** SOLD OUT **
M298 Red Holly Nighty, Night Charlie-red
M293 Crimson Creation
M94 Diamond Drum
M232 Holly Shopping Bag
M234 Congrats and Best Wishes!
M234-2--Congrats-&-Best-WishPINK copy (1
M18 Santa's Mailbox (2)
M165 Snowcapped Wreath
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M18 Santa's Mailbox (2)
M165 Snowcapped Wreath
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M310F Timeless Tree