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Matt Litavsky - Owner and Artist

Anne Litavsky - Owner, Sales & Marketing

Matt is self-taught in his art.  In addition to creating ornaments, Matt paints on canvas and has designed houses, including his own.

Mattarusky Heirloom Ornaments is a line of high-end collectible glass-blown ornaments that are created by the artist, Matt Litavsky.  

We started the business when Anne was 6 months pregnant with her first child.  We wanted to start a business that our children might one day take over.  Because of Matt's intense love of Christmas, he gravitated towards wanting to do a seasonal Christmas business.  One day, while shopping at Macy's, he was looking at the glass-blown ornaments that were for sale at the store and decided that this was the direction he wanted to go in.


 We headed to Poland to find artists to partner with and thus the business began.  Mattarusky Ornaments is known for high-end, high-quality heirloom pieces.  Each piece is not only an ornament, it is a piece of art that you find are treasures to be handed down for generations.  


You won't find any of our designs in any other line because they are all originals, created by Matt.  The sparkle and intricate design of each ornament, which is made by hand, is what makes our line stand out.

The Sketch

Clay Carving

Silver Glass Recreation

The Completed Ornament

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