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(Santa is 6.5" tall) 


Ray Graham Association


In 1950, a small group of dedicated parents formed an organization which was later named Ray Graham Association, in honor of Ray Graham, the first Director of Special Education in Illinois. Graham was an innovator and pioneer in advocating for services for people with disabilities. His leadership set the stage for today’s organization which operates in nearly 40 sites, employs over 400 people and is dedicated to ensuring that nearly 2,000 children and adults with disabilities are safe, happy, and living the best life possible.


We acknowledge each person’s life story and what’s important to them. We recognize that each person is unique and has different passions and priorities. We work hard as a team to create customized support services so each person can reach, grow, and achieve. Above all, we value the partnership between team members and family members – and we never take that relationship for granted.



M294RG Ray Graham Santa - Sold Out - Thank you for your support!

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